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Bot Policy

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BotService Network Policy

Joining a Network

  1. If a channel owner on a network not serviced by BotService applies for a bot, BotService will investigate to see if that network should be included.
  2. Any member of a network's administration (IRCop or Admin) can apply for BotService to join their network, and we will review the net as soon as possible. This is achieved by completing a Network Request form.
  3. It is our policy to work with the nets we service. Whenever possible, we will consult with the network admin(s) of a net, before setting up there.
  4. BotService checks server motd's before placing bots on them.

Leaving a Net

  1. BotService reserves the right to leave a network for any reason, and without prior notice.
  2. The network administrator may request that BotService leave his/her net at any time, and BotService will comply with that request as soon as possible.
  3. While it is obvious that net administrators will run their nets any way they see fit, there are certain conditions without which BotService will vacate the net. In particular, we will leave a net if any of the following occurs:
    • Any BotService admin is k-lined.
    • An IRCop sees fit to op him/herself in our channel without our consent, or to evade any ban we choose to put on him/her.
    • BotService reserves the right to operate its own channel the way it sees fit, subject to the net's normal guidelines of course. In particular, we usually enforce a "no-idling, no general chat" rule. This applies to anyone not on our staff, even ircops and server admins, etc. If the network doesn't like this rule, we will leave.

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