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Bot Policy

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Relay Channel Policy

Perm Application Bans

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Global Bot Bans

BotService Bot Policy

Acquiring a Bot

  1. BotService reserves the right to refuse any request for a bot to be in a channel, for any reason.
  2. Only channels registered with Channel Services are eligible.
  3. Only the owner (founder) of a channel may request a bot.
  4. BotService will supply no more than one bot per channel.
  5. A bot will not be supplied if any of the following is true:
    • There is another bot in the channel, not counting the one supplied by Channel Services.
    • The channel is a warez channel.
    • The channel normally has any one of the following modes: +i, +l, +k, +m.
  6. Adult channels must enforce an 18+ age restriction, by topic or other suitable means.
  7. BotService reserves the right to list, on our website, the network, channel, bot name, and channel owner name, for any channel to which a BotService bot has been assigned.

Removing a Bot

  1. BotService reserves the right to remove our bot from a channel for any reason, and without prior notice.
  2. The owner of the channel may request the removal of our bot at any time, and we will comply with that request as soon as possible.
  3. Changing a channel's name or owner will result in BotService removing the bot; it can be re-applied for, however.
  4. Any of the following things will cause cause BotService to remove a bot from a channel:
    • Kicking or banning the bot, or removing its access from Channel Services.
    • Kicking or banning BotService members, who come to your channel to solve problems with the bot.
    • Not co-operating with BotService members who are trying to solve a problem with the bot in the channel.
    • Using the bot for mass advertising, or for any activity that is in conflict with Channel Services policy.
    • Abusing the bot.
    • Losing control of the channel.

Other Points

  1. Channel Owners are responsible for all events that happen on the channel.
  2. BotService is not accountable for anything that happens on your channel.
  3. BotService can set global bans.
  4. BotService can change any point of this policy without prior notice.

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