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IRC's BotService
IRC's #1 Bot Service

The purpose of BotService is to provide channel owners with a FREE clean running (no flooding, no war features, etc) eggdrop bot for various purposes. This bot is not a replacement for Channel Service bots (where applicable). We do this not on just one network but many, infact as of this writing we are currently on something in the order of 30+ networks with over 100 eggdrop bots online. (See table at the end of this page.)

You can find more information about our service by reading our Rationale. Or why not join us in our home channel in #bothouse to ask any questions you have about our bots. Our staff is there to help! Our home network is SorceryNet.

Thank you for visiting today and enjoy your stay!

Networks we Service
[AccessIRC]  [AfterNET]  [AsylumNet]  [Austnet]  [BeyondIRC]  [Blitzed]  [ChatNet]  [ChatSpike]  [DarkerNet]  [DarkMyst]  [DynastyNet]  [EsperNet]  [FloggerNet]  [HellenicNet]  [IRC-Chat]  [IrCQnet]  [IRCtoo]  [NewNet]  [NightStar]  [OtherNet]  [OtherSide]  [PhishyNet]  [Rizon]  [SandNet]  [ShadowFire]  [SorceryNet]  [Undernet


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