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Issuing Commands

Levels of Access


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Levels of Access

Not everyone can issue all commands. There are several commands which can be issued by anyone, but most are restricted to people who have been registered with the bot. Part of that registration is the assignment of an access level to the user, and that is what determines which commands the user has access to.

Associated with each user are a number of flags; each access level includes certain of these flags, by default.

The various access levels are listed below, along with which flags they normally have. Below that, are listed the flags, and what each means.

Access Levels, Highest on Top
Level Name Global Flags Channel Flags
full Full Access User fhjmnoptx
owner Global Owner fhmnopx
master Global Master fhmopx
op Global Op fhopx
voice Global Voice fhvpx
chanowner Channel Owner hpx fmno
chanmaster Channel Master hpx fmo
chanop Channel Op hpx fo
chanvoice Channel Voice hpx fv
chanfriend Channel Friend hpx f


Global Flags
Flag Name Meaning
a global auto-op always op this user on join
b bot user is another bot
c common user record is a common-access site
d global deop user cannot get ops
f global friend
h high-light flag user sees highlighting in text output
j janitor user is a file-area master
k global auto-kick user kick & banned automatically
l global halfop always halfop this user on join
m global master user is a bot master
n global owner user is the bot owner
o global op bot will op this user on any channel
p party-line user has party-line access
q global dehalfop user cannot gain halfops on any channel
t botnet master user is a botnet master
u unshared not sent to other share-bots
v global voice user get +v automatically on +autovoice channels
x xfer user has file-area access


Channel Flags
Flag Name Meaning
a auto-op always op this user on join
d deop bot will not allow this user to become a chanop
f friend user is not punished for doing bad things
k kick user is auto-kicked
l halfop bot will give this user halfop
m master user is a master for the channel)
n owner user is an owner for the channel)
o op bot will give this user chanop
q quiet user never gets +v on channel
r dehalfop user cannot get halfop
v voice user get +v automatically on channel
y auto-halfop always op this user on join

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