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Add-on Features

We have several scripts available in addition to our main script. While our main script appears on all our bots, these others appear on only some of them. As a result, the usual help command on the bots never mentions these. However, they do have online help, in most cases. These notes will show how to get such help.

The Games Script

In your channel, type:

If the games script is on the bot, this command will give you the on-line help for it. The games script has several entertaining features to liven up your channel. Be sure to try the headline generator!

The Limit Script

When this script is enabled the bot will maintain a limit (mode +l) on the channel to restrict the number of people who can join simaltaneously. The main reason why a channel might want this feature is to prevent floodbots from attacking the channel.

To temporarily disable the feature, type the following command in your channel:

botnick chanset -addons

The Periodic Script

This script is used to convert between periodic elements by their name and symbol. Use:

@element name
@element symbol

We do have several other small scripts which may be added to your bot on special request. Please contact me for details.


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