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Setting up an Eggdrop

Setting up a Botnet

1. TCL in General
2. Project: Talk Back

How to Setup an Eggdrop Bot

The first thing you want to do is to load the Eggdrop you have chosen to use onto your shell. You can do this via FTP. Once the Eggdrop is on your shell, you want to Telnet to your shell and get in the directory where the Eggdrop is. I will use eggdrop1.3.27 as an example. (NOTE: Caps matter in telnet.)

After you have uploaded the file to your shell account, telnet in and after logging in type this command:

  1. tar -zxvf eggdrop1.3.27.tar.gz

  2. This unpacks all the eggdrop files and places them in a new directory.
    Once this is done, you need to change to the directory that has just been created. For example: cd eggdrop1.3.27 and type the following.
  3. ./configure

  4. The configure script will evaluate your shell and determine whether it is able to run eggdrop. It will take a moment to complete all checks, do not interrupt it.
    Next, type
  5. make config

  6. This will compile the eggdrop modules.
    Once this is done, type
  7. make

  8. This step will take a few minutes, so sit back and relax. Then to install the bot type:
  9. make install DEST=~/DIR-NAME/BOTNAME

  10. (Example: make install DEST=~/dalnet/DarkSun)

    This will create the bot DarkSun in the directory dalnet. Once the Eggdrop is done making type cd to leave your eggdrops directory and then type cd dirname/botname, *remember caps and syntax is important in shell accounts

    Before the bot is ready for use, you need to edit its config file. The file is called eggdrop.conf.dist and it will be in the eggdrop directory. There are 2 ways to edit it. In Telnet you can type: pico eggdrop.conf.dist. Or you can download the file on FTP and view it on wordpad. It's your choice. To see what one of our config files looks like click here.

    Once you're satisfied that everything is correctly set in the config file, you can start the bot by typing:

  11. ./eggdrop -m eggdrop.conf

  12. The bot should start up and go to the channel specified in the config. Now on IRC type:
  13. /msg BOTNICK hello
  14. /msg BOTNICK pass PASSWORD
Congratulations!! You have just setup and run an Eggdrop bot.

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