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Setting up an Eggdrop

Setting up a Botnet

1. TCL in General
2. Project: Talk Back

Setting up a Botnet

DCC Chat to both bots that you wish to link together. First let's find out what your bot's port # is. Once you've DCCconnected to your bot type the following line


Following this command you'll receive several line's of text, depending upon how many connections *ie: users and other bots* are connected to your bot. What you are looking for is the very first info line, in which it give you the bot you are on ports number. Remember this number, you'll need it. Do this on both bots. With this number now on to the next step. Let's get started shall we?

First Dcc chat to let's say Raven, and let's add the bot DarkSun. The string to add a bot to another bot's userfile is:

.+bot <botnick> <telnet-addy>:<telnet-port>

Remember when in dcc chat with the bot, commands to the bot start with a period .
An example of the above in actual use follows.

.+bot DarkSun bservice.org:40005

In the above example let's take first things first. Remember bot commands start off with a period, the next command +bot tells the bot you are adding another bot to it's user base, naturally the next one is the bot's nick. Next in line is the bot's usermask, to get this do a /whois DarkSun, if you were to do this on DarkSun, what you would get back would be this nicki@bservice.org. What we are looking for is everything AFTER the @. Another way to get your info for this part is to look in your bot's config file for this line set my-hostname "bservice.org" the bservice.org is the part you'd need. next in line is the port number you got from doing a .dccstat. On to the next stage.

Next we want to do a password for the bot. Type the following line. Exhanging password for a pass you choose.

.chpass DarkSun planets

This is so the connecting bots can verify each other and not just any bot on irc can connect to your botnet. Next we want to create your bot's user flag's for the connecting bot.

Type the following keeping in mind the status of the bot you are connecting and the type of flag you'll need for it. You can get a listing of available flags by going here. But for our main bots the example below will be correct.

.botattr DarkSun +h

At the bottom of this page you'll find a listing of bot flag's and their meaning's. Now let's repeat all this in our bot DarkSun and connect Raven to it. Just repeat the above procedure's in DarkSun changing the botnick to Raven. Now once all that is done and you've added the bot's to each other's user base. Let's link them shall we?

To link the bots together type the following

.link Raven

Since you are already in DarkSun we'll link Raven to it.

There Congratulation's you've just made your first botnet.

Following is a listing of bot flags and their explanations:

Flag Name Meaning
s share (bot is sharing user records, aggressively)
p share (bot is sharing user records, passively)
g global share (share all channels)
h hub (bot is auto-linked at highest priority)
a alternative (bot is auto-linked if no hub bots can be linked)
l leaf (bot is not allowed to link in other bots)
r reject (bot will not be allowed on the net)
i isolated (isolate the party line across a botlink)

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