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MKaku Chat

Nicki's Corner



Dark Mood

out there would be best description

somewhere between lost worlds

not walking in the light

and yet not in the dark either

come along it's a good journey sometimes

is where i stay

home it is

Losing myself in a song.... finding myself in a lyric.....

writing a poem

getting lost in the flowing of thoughts and letting pen be connected to it all

forgetting ryhme or reason

but going on depth of feeling and thought..

heart and soul

passion and desire

love and hate

Sinking in the quicksand of my thoughts.....


so you see where i'm at then

and like opposing forces on a battle field

so do love and hate come together

in the ether real

for you can't have one without the other

like good and evil

they must off set each other for the other to survive

and so the battle rages day and night

shall i love or shall i hate

must i decide

can i do either?

or is it to late

For whom does the death bell toll

for me each day

as i sit here, i can feel deaths final breath upon my neck

at night laying awake and trying not to sleep

knowing if i do

it may be the last

for in the dark of night when dead things crawl

and the coldness of death comes ever closer

i can feel deaths fingers caressing my soul

reaching for it

touching me...and leaving it's impression

upon me

these are not just words on a screen

this is how i feel each day and night

sitting here waiting for the end

knowing it is coming

but not when

that exact moment shall arrive

but knowing it will be soon

for i can't survive like this much longer

and the scary thing is

is there really a heaven and a hell?

or will it be some cold dark place that i shall dwell

i try not to think of such morbid things

but with death so close how can i not

for it is forever with me now

in my thoughts

try as i may, i can't banish them

except sometimes in the light of day

and so i come here

to be with others

possiblely find some cheer

and yet here i am on a day

speaking of things i rather not think about

good thing i know where my keys are

for it's hard to see through tears

in a dark mood today

Copyright 1998, Kishiria©


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