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Nicki's Corner



Sitting beneath the honeysuckle at streams most edge

The light of the pale moon softly seeping through

Watching as the water flows slowly down stream

Hearing the Whipper willís lonely sad call

Then silence as she waits for a loverís response

In the silence of the night my loneliness matching herís

Oh how I ache for the soft touch of your skin upon mine

Thinking of you as I sit here, wondering if you think of me

Lost with thoughts of you dancing in my mind,

and how I wish I had more time.

Dreaming of your soft caress, The touch of your lips upon mine

Visions of love and happiness without distress

No more tears of sorrow, or loveís lost quest

I dream of your sweet breath against my skin

How your lips would feel with their gentle caress

To softly kiss your lips , your eyes, at last your breast

To gently and slowly make love as only loverís can

Oh the joy it would bring just to watch a sunset, just you and me

A walk upon a sandy stream, a picnic on a grassy knoll

All these things I would love to be, me with you and you with me

As time draws nearer with deaths last caress I know it will never be

The distance that spans between you and me might as well be the sea

No tears now as I release the dream Iíve come to realize how itís to be

 Of all the things I regret the most itís that Iíll never know my loverís touch

Only through words on a screen will she know of my touch, kiss and love for her

Is this cruelty you may ask?

No I think not for with out it imagine how lonely our lives would truly be

Itís in here you see that we laugh cry and sing. Love found and lost and found again

Family and friends you come to love so dear and none ever very near

Copyright 1998, Kishiria©


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