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News Archive - January 2003


31 January 2003

We now provide bots on Striked

Tip:   To have notices appear in a query window: <botnick> set output msg

24 January 2003

We no longer provide bots on StarChat, due to their administration's inability to provide an acceptable user service.

StarChat have taken to running users' channels, insisting users be online for virtually every waking minute or risk losing their channels. They have also created new policies requiring all bots to leave channels at any time the channel owner is not online. This defeats the purpose of our organisation, and we refuse to service a network who runs things this way.

StarChat's users are encouraged to switch a more friendly network, to ensure the security of their channel and interests in general.

15 January 2003

We now provide bots on A Breed Apart, an IRC network dedicated completely to Greyhound chat.

Next time you're on the network, why not drop by #greyhound, our relay channel devoted to the discussion of greyhounds, both as racing dogs and the wonderful pets they make.

13 January 2003

We accepted an invition to return to OtherNet today, more than a year after it split into two distinct networks. OtherNet is now fully dedicated to financial chat, with no off-topic channels permitted, all regular chat channels having been transferred to WorldIRC.

At the present time, any applications for bots on OtherNet should first be approved by Opus before we can help.

3 January 2003

After more than a year with the organisation, FlightSimGuy was offered a position on BotService's board of owners. He declined the promotion, due to a lack of time to dedicate to the organisation.

Tip:   In your channel, try typing: <botnick> search url space

2 January 2003

We now provide bots on ExiledNet


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