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Home Page Server List
AceStar AceStar Servers
AirNet-IRC irc.airnet-irc.net
Alternativenet bilbo.alternativenet.org
Anight irc.anight.net
ArabChat uae.arabchat.org
Austnet irc.austnet.org
Badnet irc.badnet.net
BelgiumChat belgiumchat.ath.cx
Blazed Net delta.or.us.blazed.net
Bondage Net irc.bondage.com
CC2 irc.cc2.org
ChatLink irc.chatlink.org
ChatNet ChatNet Servers
C Shells On the C Shore irc.csocs.com
CyberGalaxy CyberGalaxy Servers
DalNet DalNet Servers
DamnSt the.damn.st
DarkerNet irc.darker.net
DarkMyst irc.darkmyst.org
DigitalIRC DigitalIRC Servers
EICN pittsburgh.pa.us.earthint.net
FancyNet irc.fancynet.com
FinancialChat irc.financialchat.com
GalaxyLink irc.galaxylink.org
Galaxy Net irc.telluric.com
Hong Kong Chat Hong Kong Chat Servers
IceNet irc.icenet.org
Insiderz davis.us.darknet.org
IrvingNet irc.irvingnet.net
Kramnet chatman.kramnet.com
Krushnet Krushnet Servers
Loudoun live.loudoun-net.com
OtherSide/MegaIRC silvertab.megairc.com
Mellorien Mellorien Servers
Millenia orion.va.us.millenia.org
NdrsNet NdrsNet Servers
NetLink NetLink Servers
NewNet NewNet Servers
NightStar NightStar Servers
Othernet Othernet Servers
PaganPaths PeganPaths Servers
PhishyNet PhishyNet Servers
Relic Net RelicNet Servers
Sand Net oceancity.md.sandnet.net
ShadowFire ShadowFire Servers
SorceryNet SorceryNet Servers
Spy Net cyclone.us.spynet.org
StarChat irc.starchat.net
SuperChat irc.superlink.net
Talk City chat.talk-city.net
Undernet Undernet Servers
VietLine irc.vietline.net
WebNet java.ca.us.webchat.org
Xnet tremor.ca.us.xnet.org
YoorWebChat Hunters.YoorWebChat.Com
ZeroNet irc.zeronet.org

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