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Becoming a Helper

So you want to be a helper? That's great, BotService is always looking for new able-minded people to help the organization. Before we go any further, there are some things you should be aware of before considering going into this adventure.

Most importantly, make sure you've read our rationale, to see why we do what we do.

Joining BotService is not anything like all fun and games, far from it. Our work is a duty, to our users, and to our networks. You might be called away from your chat with a friend at the worst possible times to do a bot installation, and there is little you will be able to do about it. You'll have to work with people for hours at a time to make them understand things you find extremely simple. Then just when you thought that you were through with your installations for the day, 5 more people will rush in and start arguing amongst themselves about who gets your attention first.

There will be good times as well of course. You'll have interesting discussions with very intelligent people about how to improve the service. You'll expand your knowledge of the inner workings of IRC and bots, and you'll probably spend more time using your brain then you do now.

So you're still reading? That's good. Now lets look at what you need to have before you apply.

We expect and need certain things from our staff. Key amoung those things is an open mind, an outgoing friendly personality, a level of maturity and an ability to think logically. We do not ask that you devote every waking minute to the service, but when you are helping out? We need you to be a team player. Let's spend a minute in closing going over each of those key needs:

  • An open mind - we deal with literally hundreds of users a week, and many of them might not be "into" what you are. They might even be activly involved in something you don't know about or do not like at all. If you cannot get past that and help them out? Your mind is not open.
  • Outgoing friendly personality - With those hundreds of users coming in and out and asking questions and needing help, we need people who can be good to help and not get frustrated at the drop of a hat or so annoyed they are functionally useless.
  • A level of maturity - Due to past experience and events, we have adopted a rule of thumb to only hire staff of 18 years or older. This is not to say we do not and have not made exceptions, but we do ask that you remember it when applying for staff.
  • An ability to think logically - We do a LOT of problem solving. We need staff who can reason their way around a problem, be it with a bot or a person and see a solution to implement it.

If you've read through all this and still want to be a BotService staff member, you certainly get points for dedication. On the next page you will find a series of questions, which will help us determine if you will make a good staff member.

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